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The PYXISInternalWiki is an important internal communications mechanism for PYXIS, serving as a repository of our collective knowledge. It also documents our current projects, research questions, and relationships, as well as plans for future endeavors. In accordance with the Wiki philosophy, every individual who uses the PYXIS Internal Wiki is asked to contribute to it, either by correcting errors or omissions directly or by entering into discussions on the pages in question.

Information that is relevant and appropriate for the general public is kept in the PYXIS Public Wiki.

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the PYXIS innovation

International organizations will pay handsomely to distribute geospatial information directly to customers. PYXIS enables the solution: the GeoWeb.

The PYXIS innovation is a patentable Military GeoInt technology that holds the key to unlocking a multi-billion dollar resource: spatial data. We provide vital components for the GeoWeb. Our products give data suppliers direct access to their customers without costly investment into existing distribution networks. In turn, we enable an emerging professional and consumer market that can access convenient and advanced geospatial functionality.

Management: Our Management team hold experience as founders or senior management in many successes: Archibald Peterson Ltd, Kingston Software Factory, Geographic Resources and Integrated Data Solutions (GRIDS), Sirius/Headhunter, Zero Knowledge, Haventree, abeSoft, Improved Outcomes, iGO Technologies, Andyne/Hummingbird/OpenText, SingleTouch Mobile, MegaWheels, Molecular Mining. Our Integrity is built on Past Failures, Intelligence, Knowledge of the Industry, Passion and a Clear Vision.

Customer Problem: Lack of accessibility, duplication, delay and underutilization of geospatial data is the industry norm. Current solutions cannot meet the expectation for general on-demand access to this rich dynamic knowledge.

Product/Services: We license a whole GeoWeb platform – browser, network, server, licence Server, search engine - and hold publishing rights to the data streams. Our unprecedented solution unlocks the latent value of myriad data sources in the world – dynamic and static, professional and consumer – on-demand, using a proprietary Earth reference. This index forms a geospatial foundation for convenient and inexpensive information broadcasting, self organization and decision support.

Target Market: Our company operates in the many sectors and multiple economies of the geomatics software industry.


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