Our management team are dedicated to bringing the very real benefits of our shared vision of an online Digital Earth to people worldwide, and to our shareholders who have enabled us to make it real.

Marty Hilsenteger, CPA, CA


Marty leads the Pyxis Innovation team as CEO/CFO. He has significant experience in providing business vision excellence and driving new ventures through to successful exits for shareholders. Marty has experience in several verticals including media, automotive, construction, energy and technology.

In his role as CEO, Marty will partner with Idan Shatz, the company's CTO, to drive Pyxis Innovation forward to becoming a global market leader in big data, digital earth mapping and analysis. Marty and Idan will focus on leveraging the global market presence achieved by Pyxis over the past 15 years into a thriving commercial entity.

In his role as CFO, Marty will provide the corporation with a focus on good governance and fiscal controls. His primary focus will be on ensuring the assets of the corporation are properly secured and managed. He will also share this responsibility with Idan Shatz.

Perry Peterson, Dipl. Tech, B.Eng.

CSO, Founder

Perry believes in the sacredness of the human journey as a story of growth and discovery. He also believes our emerging dominance comes with the urgent responsibility to wisely connect our decisions with consequences.

Perry is recognized as the passionate driver of a new medium for our collective questions about Earth and its systems. His ideas for improving stewardship are a result of his diverse experiences as a father, a traveler, a professional engineer, a professor of geomatics, a successful entrepreneur, a software creator, a military pilot, a carpenter, a poet and song writer, a picker of wild blueberries and paddler of canoes.

He is the creator of the PYXIS digital-Earth spatial reference system. His leadership and guidance attracts a diverse team of scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and geographers dedicated to building and supporting this new digital-Earth information medium. His efforts are recognized by thought leaders within many geospatial focused organizations including: the Open Geospatial Consortium; the International Group on Earth Observations; Natural Resources Canada; the United Nations Environmental Program; the Global Biodiversity Information Facility and Geoscience Australia.

Idan Shatz, B.Sc., M.Sc.


As the Software Architect for the PYXIS Digital Earth Platform, Idan's integrity and attention to detail is key to our corporate success. Growing up on a kibbutz, the communal lifestyle gave him insight and gratitude for the world that surrounded him; his passion for technology and his curiosity led him to be a bit like a 'black sheep' technophile. His exceptional capabilities led him to such projects as redesigning the User Interface for Israeli Military Intelligence.

Always seeking new adventures, he relocated to Calgary when his partner accepted a Master's position at the University of Calgary. His graphic design capabilities, with his degree in Software Engineering, enabled him to be technically creative, satisfying his desire to developing intelligent solutions in complex environments like the Digital Earth Platform.