Board of

We have the support and help of a respected team of Board members and
Expert Advisors in our pursuit of the Digital Earth vision.

Marty Hilsenteger, CPA, CA

Director, CEO, CFO

Marty leads the Pyxis Innovation team as CEO/CFO. He has significant experience in providing business vision excellence and driving new ventures through to successful exits for shareholders. Marty has experience in several verticals including media, automotive, construction, energy and technology.

In his role as CEO, Marty will partner with Idan Shatz, the company's CTO, to drive Pyxis Innovation forward to becoming a global market leader in big data, digital earth mapping and analysis. Marty and Idan will focus on leveraging the global market presence achieved by Pyxis over the past 15 years into a thriving commercial entity.

In his role as CFO, Marty will provide the corporation with a focus on good governance and fiscal controls. His primary focus will be on ensuring the assets of the corporation are properly secured and managed. He will also share this responsibility with Idan Shatz.

Craig Doré, Dipl. Tech

Director, Co-Founder, Investor

Craig is a founding investor of PYXIS. Craig has provided valuable guidance and support since day one. His 'can-do' attitude and prudent decision-making ability has been both a hallmark of his leadership and provided core principles on which our company is built.

Craig is the president of Coliseum Investments. He is an entrepreneur, engineering and investor with a long history in the safety sector of the oil and gas industry. His experience with growth, customer relations, and contract management has brought valuable lessons to our governance. He has served on many boards and as the president and CEO of several successful corporations. His passion for innovation drives his support of the ground-breaking PYXIS technology.

Colleen Falkenberg

Director, Audit Committee

Colleen Falkenberg is the Compliance Officer at Stephen Avenue Securities Inc., a full service investment dealer and has 20+ years in the investment business working in many roles including sales, trading, corporate finance and compliance. Prior to joining Stephen Avenue Colleen worked for Reuters, the world's largest multimedia news agency, as a Team Leader for the Canadian Prairie Region where she was responsible for real time and historical data sales, co-ordinating marketing efforts relating to Canadian energy and agricultural products within the Reuters global organization and managing a sales and technical team. During both her finance and business media careers, technology has been at the centre of her work.

Mike Reynolds, B.Comm, CFA

Director, Audit Committee

Mike dedicates himself to the growth and prosperity of PYXIS by developing strategic business partnerships. He has been involved in several turnaround, merger, acquisition and divestiture mandates applying his business development, corporate finance, and problem solving expertise. His intrinsic understanding of what drives value within companies helps in identifying and crafting strategic relationships for special situation companies. Over the years, he has worked on assignments for MNP, Bank of America, GE Capital, and several leading venture capital, private equity, and high net worth financed organizations facing unique growth or value creation challenges.

Mike's passion is identifying and understand problems and opportunities through in-depth analysis. He is a power user of the Digital Earth Insight and it is this passion that fuels his belief that the product will be ideal for future decision makers.

Steve Adam, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D

Director, Advisor, Energy Sector

Steve is a member of our Board with a unique perspective on geospatial science and on business. With a long term track record of performing and advising in both.

Steve's unique vision, where businesses 'work smarter not harder', enhances our Board. As the President of AdamLabs, his greatest strength is helping companies 'cross the chasm' by implementing technological change.

Steve believes that people are at the heart of any problem - or solution. As a system based thinker, an entrepreneur, and innovation enthusiast, he strives to distinguish the difference between augmenting human capability through technology and the wisdom and discipline that must remain a human process. He believes that leadership is participatory so his methods focus on being inclusive, collaborative, and customer-focused. Digital Earth Insight supports these goals by changing how decision makers - individuals and businesses - will quickly and easily get the answers they seek.