If you support your decisions with location-based information, but need more content, choices and control, try DIGITAL EARTH Insight. Connect to an expanding world of real-time sensors, cool map data, and space-based measurements. DIGITAL EARTH Insight features robust data handling, content integration, and scientific analysis capabilities. It's so simple that it's used in classrooms where young students are learning geography.

DIGITAL EARTH Insight is an intuitive and visually interactive tool to discover authoritative and open sources of information while navigating a high fidelity representation of the Earth.

Without expert assistance you can discover and access 100's of thousands of data sets being updated daily worldwide.

100's of thousands of open source data sources are available.
DIGITAL EARTH Insight is an environment for seamlessly combining geospatial data. The advantage is that you can build your own smart globes unassisted and on-the-fly. The advanced analytical capabilities preserve data resolution, accuracy, and precision over the entire globe at any scale can read ANY Geographic Information System file format.

DIGITAL EARTH Insight is a simple way to rapidly mashup, assess, and visualize, dynamic and distributed geospatial data. You can explore by posing simple "Where is it?" or "What is here?" type questions. You can ask questions yourself without any special training or other expensive geographic information system software.

DIGITAL EARTH Insight also features a powerful pipe and filter architecture so that advanced users can customize and chain their analyses and modeling processes.


DIGITAL EARTH Insight includes the ability to publish your content to a personal cloud-based Gallery as a stylized content rich Webglobe. Your DIGITAL EARTH Gallery is a searchable, secure, digital workspace. It's a way you can connect and share your valuable insight, content and analysis with other communities of geospatial data creators and users. See the Gallery page for more information.

All content, Galleries, and Channels include Private/Public, Open/Closed, and Editable/Noneditable access controls.

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