Our Company

Our Vision: To enable a true Digital Earth;
All the world's geospatial data, live and online, for everyone.

Our Mission

To search out geospatial data, integrate it and promote better decision making through easy on-demand analysis, for everyone, worldwide.

To enable individual users to exploit the emerging geospatially data driven economy.


PYXIS is a privately-held, Calgary-based developer of a geospatial software platform that provides business and scientific insights through spatial data analysis.

PYXIS is expert at searching out geospatial data on the worldwide web and has built a platform to allow users to easily integrate and analyze the wealth of new public and private data sources coming online every day.

The company's patented advances in user interface, geospatial analysis, and visualization using Discrete Global Grid System (DGGS) technology will open the benefits of the massive spatial data bonanza now developing to millions of new users currently unfamiliar with the in geospatial analysis. In addition to complementing and extending the performance of installed legacy GIS systems struggling worldwide under the same new data pressures.

The Company's Digital Earth platform delivers results with a cost-effective SaaS cloud architecture that is not only competitive in analytical capability with legacy geospatial enterprise systems but also on price with early adopter web-mapping apps that have limited search and unsophisticated geospatial analysis capabilities.

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