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Summary: A "diagnostic" value, mostly used for testing.

Input: This process has no input.

Output: Coverage , Feature

  • Description: A world spanning coverage that will always return null for its value.


  • Data Type Determines what type of null values (elevation or colour) are used.
  • Resolution Defines what resolution the coverage data set will have. The value must be between 2 and 32.


This is a process that should only be used in testing the application, although if someone comes up with a clever use for this it would be good to know. It is a process that will return null for each and every data point on the planet.


If you want to test the error handling capabilities of a process, and in particular if it will be able to properly handle null values, this is the tool to use. For example, the calculator is suposed to treat null values as a value of zero. You could use this input to test that behaviour.

If you are testing elevation data, set the Data Type to Null_Elevation_Value. If you are testing colour data, set the Data Type to Null_RGB_Value.

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