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Summary: The Georeferenced File process lets you associate an arbitrary document with a specific geospatial location.


  • File to georeference (1 Path) The path to the resource being georeferenced. The path is supplied by either the Data File process or the File Link process, depending on whether the resource is a file or a web url.
  • Located Feature (1 Feature) The feature to associate with the object being referenced. The feature could be a geometry, a road, or a geographical boundary.

Output: Feature , Record

  • Description: This process outputs a feature which associates a geometry with the object being georeferenced.

Attributes: This process has no attributes.


You will not typically need to create or edit this process. When you drag a file or URL into a ViewPoint, WorldView automatically creates this process for you. WorldView also creates a process to store the path information, and a Region (Binary Format) process to store the information you enter in the Georeferencing File dialog box. For more information, see Georeferencing Files.

For example, you might have a document written about the northern boreal forest of Canada, and you want to georeference the document with that geographical area. Users who view the associated pipeline can access the document when they hover over that part of the globe. The benefit to georeferencing a document using this process is that once the document is georeferenced it can then be published to the GeoWeb. Documents which are georeferenced and published can be found using either a spatial search or a textual search on the metadata.

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