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Summary: A process for reading in square-gridded data from Geodas Gridded Data Format.


  • Data File (1 Path) The file that this process will read.

Output: XYCoverage , Feature Collection , Feature

  • Description: Square-gridded data from the input Geodas Gridded Data Format file.

Attributes: This process has no attributes.


This is a data-input process for gathering square-gridded data in Geodas Gridded Data Format and making it available in a format that can be used by the sampler processes. Usually, these are files with the file extension "G98".

If you have such a file and want to read it in WorldView, you can drag it into the Library. WorldView will automatically create a pipeline for you, including (and in the following order):

  • a Data File process to specify the name and location of the source file
  • a GRD98 File Reader process to read the specified file
  • a Coverage Cache process to cache the data to improve the recall time when viewing the pipeline

You can also create your own pipeline manually if you want, or you can take the pipeline that WorldView creates and modify it as necessary.

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