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Summary: Use the File Link process to represent any URL which is considered to be valid within a web browser.

Input: This process has no input.

Output: Path

  • Description: A URL to a document.


  • URL String Specifies the location of the URL.


Several of the Reader processes require as input a path to the location of a file to be read. You can specify a path using either the Data File process or the File Link process. Use the File Link process if you want to specify the location as a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) string, such as for a document on the Internet. For local files or files available on your network, use the Data File process.

You specify the value for the path by setting the URL String attribute in the process editor. After the attribute is set and saved, the process initializes (attempts to validate that the specified path exists). If the path does not exist then the process is in an error state and will not initialize.

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