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Summary: A process that has the same data value for every location on the DERM.

Input: This process has no input.

Output: Coverage

  • Description: A global coverage that has the same value across the entire spatial domain.


  • Resolution The ideal resolution for the coverage.
  • Value The value to assign to each cell in the coverage. The type of value you provide will vary according to the specified Context.
  • Context Defines the type of data represented by the constant coverage (see Details below for more information).


The constant coverage is global and has a single field of data which is always exactly the same for every location in the DERM. The Constant coverage can be configured to return any single value and any context. The constant coverage is always limited to one field of data.

The possible values for the Context attribute are described in the following table along with some sample values for the Value attribute:

Context Type Value Sample values
4097 Colour array of 3 PYXValue uint8_t[3] 255 140 35
8193 Greyscale single PYXValue uint8_t 240
16385 Elevation single PYXValue int16_t 7354
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