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Summary: A process that selects individual channels of data from multiple different single-channel inputs and amalgamates them into a single coverage with multiple channels.


  • Channel Input Coverage (0 or more Coverage) The coverages to select channels of data from.
  • Input Feature Collection (0 or more Feature Collection) Feature Collections to associate with the process.

Output: Coverage , Feature

  • Description: A single multi-channel coverage selected from the input coverages.

Attributes: This process has no attributes.


Currently this process is only used by WorldView in order to display multiple data sources within a ViewPoint simultaneously. The process amalgamates multiple channels of data from multiple sources into a single coverage that has multiple channels. The inputs do not need to all be of the same type. For example, one input could be RGB (array of 3 values), another could be elevation (decimal number). The field definition of the coverage is generated automatically from the input sources.

If the Channel Input Coverage is a multi-channel coverage, WorldView selects channel 0 by default. If a channel other than channel 0 is needed, a Channel Selector process should be used. The second input of this process is used specifically in the PYXIS visualization system and is just simple storage of multiple feature collections. This second input is scheduled for removal from this process.

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