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Processes are the individual components that make up a PYXIS Pipeline. The individual processes perform a single task that is often simple but when chained together with other processes the overall effect is very powerful.

In order for processes to be chained together in a pipeline they must have two things:

  • Inputs: A process can have any number of input parameters and each input parameter can specify a particular count. The only stipulation is that each of the input parameters is another process.
  • Output: Each process is limited to a single output which is always a process. That single output can be used as inputs to multiple processes.

In WorldView, the processes are listed on the Tools tab where they are grouped in the following categories:

  • Analysis - These are processes you typically use to isolate and analyze a specific portion of the data.
  • Diagnostic - These processes can help you test your pipeline.
  • Image Processing - These processes are useful when manipulating coverage data.
  • Reader - Use these processes to access data in a variety of different formats.
  • Utility - A variety of miscellaneous processes.