PYXIS WolrdView

Everyone can participate in the next digital media experience with the PYXIS innovation's™ suite of GeoWeb technologies and products. You can navigate and explore Digital Earth using location-based search, complete sophisticated geographic data analysis, develop mash-ups and applications, or stream geospatial content into the Internet.

Welcome to a Common Ground for Digital Earth.


Like the World Wide Web, the Geospatial Web is a digital medium designed to allow rapid distribution of content from many sources. The GeoWeb is also a participatory Web - everyone can contribute. While the Web uses text to organize content, the GeoWeb uses Earth location.

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the PYXIS innovation™ brings a world full of information right from content providers directly to the desktop of data hungry decision makers. Our breakthrough technologies allow the GeoWeb to work; our products allow the GeoWeb to work for you. We power the GeoWeb; we have since the beginning.

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And You

Your world is complex. Your decisions are important. Information is critical to your success. You have value to contribute. Find content quickly, share it seamlessly and make decisions in real-time.

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